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"I hope that you find success and happiness by visiting The Email Psychic.  Since all humans have psychic abilities, I encourage you to explore and develop yours."

- Augustine Smith, Site Director and Master Psychic


About The Email Psychic

It is the sincere desire of The Email Psychic to provide a healthy environment for the promotion and understanding of human psychic abilities.  Our goal is to make a positive contribution to human understanding.  Our psychics have spent years helping many, many people.  We have chosen to go online, as we believe the Internet to be the most useful medium for helping as many people as possible.

Readings and guides of The Email Psychic are for entertainment purposes only.  No guarantees of any sort are given regarding this site and its services.  You must be 18 years of age or older to request a reading, or have your parent's permission.  Readings will be delivered within 24 hours except in cases of electronic malfunction.  No refunds will be given when a reading has been delivered.  The readings should not be construed as any form of psychological therapy, medical treatment, or diagnosis.  If you feel the need for such services, please contact a health care provider.

Privacy Policy:

The Email Psychic takes the confidentiality of its patrons very seriously.  The Email Psychic and its parent company, Smith Online Entertainment Inc. does not sell, rent, or in any other way transfer customer information to any third party, nor does it make any attempt to track or record customer internet use.  

The Email Psychic is owned and operated by Smith Online Entertainment Inc.



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